Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Steelers Thoughts

The Pittsburgh Steelers 13-10 loss to the Baltimore Ravens was not unexpected. Steeler Nation knew deep down that they would have a tough time beating the Ravens without Ben. What was unexpected was the way the Steelers lost. The Steelers defense completely shut down the Ravens high powered offense. The Ravens managed 47 yards rushing and a mere 153 yards through the air. The Steelers defense is playing at a very high level but is lacking the turnovers and big plays. The difference in the game was a punt return for a touchdown and a Mike Wallace fumble that set up a Ravens field goal.

The Steelers offense ran the ball effectively at times but never could get into a rhythm after the opening drive. Byron Leftwich looked like he was in pain after every throw and probably should have come out of the game. Mike Wallace often seems as though he is not interested in giving a full effort going after passes. On one play Leftwich threw a low pass to Wallace and he just stood there and tried to catch the ball standing up. Had he come back to the ball and dove he would have had a chance to catch it. If Wallace wants big money he need to eliminate the mistakes and give a better effort.

The Ravens may have won the game but they can't feel good about how the Steelers shut down their offense. Had Big Ben played the Steelers would have won this game going away.

Steelers Player(s) of the game: Ike Taylor and Kennan Lewis were spectacular all night and completely dominated the Ravens wide outs.