Monday, November 19, 2012

Pitt and ACC Thoughts

The ACC started the conference realignment when it raided the Big East and convinced Virginia Tech, Virginia, and Boston College to jump ship. They followed up by taking Pitt and Syracuse and now they have lost one it's own in Maryland to the Big 10. Maryland and Rutgers to the Big 10 is about one thing and that is television sets. In terms of football and basketball both school add very little as they do not have a huge following and they will likely be in the middle or bottom feeders in the Big Ten.

The ACC is talking to Louisville, UConn, Cincinnati, and USF about membership. Louisville makes the most sense from an athletic stance but does not fit in academically, yes that does matter to some. UConn's addition could prompt Florida State and Clemson to talk to the Big 12 as they would view the move as another basketball school. 

Pitt is much better being in the ACC than the Big East, which likely does not survive the latest round of moves. Pitt is not going anywhere they are all in for the ACC. The ACC could try to convince Notre Dame to join for football but that is a tough sell. Although if ND loses to Southern Cal and is left out of the BCS title game they may listen to what the ACC can offer, most importantly a conference title game against a quality opponent. 

Regardless of how this all shakes out Pitt is in a better position than they were in. The Big East will likely become a basketball only conference with UConn, Temple, USF, and Cincinnati joining other conferences. I expect Louisville to end up in the ACC or Big 12 very soon.