Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pitt Football

The Pitt Panthers looked flat and uninterested in Friday nights game against UConn. The quickly fell behind 24-0 before they decided to give it the ole college try. They came up short and fell to UConn 24-17. It was unfortunately a typical Pitt performance. Pitt has played down to their opponent way too often over the past four years. they have also failed to make a comeback far too often over that span.

It's easy to blame the coaches when the team is flat, but this team has down that on a routine basis in the past five years. They have had three coaches during that span and continue to play uninspired football. At some point you have to blame the players. I get it, I understand that the senior class has been through some awful times with the coaching carousel and they may be burned out. As much as the coach needs to inspire the team players need to do it also. This team has lacked a leader for years and it starts with the seniors. For the most part, and apologies to Ray Graham, this senior class has been average at best. 

Pitt needs a new leader on the field and that starts with the quarterback. Last week Tino Sunseri threw his own kicker under the bus after the heart breaking loss to Notre Dame. A leader does not do that and Tino Sunseri should be the last person to throw someone under the bus for not performing when the pressure is on. Tino's entire career has been plagued by his inability to make a play when his team needs him to. Next year Pitt will have a new leader on the field and hopefully a new attitude on the team.