Friday, November 2, 2012

Pitt vs ND Thoughts

Pitt will play the 3rd ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Saturday in South Bend. Pitt is about a 17 point underdog but don't be surprised if the game is close or even is Pitt is able to win the game.

As crazy as it may sound Pitt has a big advantage at QB with Tino Sunseri playing outstanding football this year. Notre Dame does not throw the ball well and if Pitt can slow down the ND running game they have a chance.

On offense Pitt will need to be patient in the run game but may need to open the offense up some as ND's front 7 is very talented. If Pitt's line can give Sunseri time to throw the Panthers can challenge the ND secondary.

News broke on Friday about an assault that happened on Pitt's campus that allegedly involved three Pitt players Ray Graham, Devin Street, and Lafayette Pitts. The charges seemed odd as is seemed as there was some missing pieces to the story. The charges have already been dropped and all three players will play against ND.