Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Steelers News

The news for Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is not good, and not from a football stance but from a life perspective. News today that Ben has a dislocated rib that is close to his Aorta is bigger than football. This is a life threatening situation that could have been devastating on the field. Listen we are all rabid fans and Steeler Nation is the most die hard fans out there. This is much bigger than winning a few games and making the playoffs or even winning the Super Bowl. Ben does not need to rush back from this even if it means no more wins on the field.

That being said the Steelers are too proud of a team to accept defeat and I fully expect the defense to step up in Ben's absence. They have played well lately but have still lacked the ability to pressure the QB and force turnovers on a consistent basis. 

The offensive line will also need to step up and become a great run blocking unit. They have showed flashes that they are capable of doing this throughout the season. The issue here, just like on the defensive side, is consistency.

The Steelers schedule is such that the could make the playoffs without Ben. They would need to go 4-3 to finish 10-6. They would likely be a wildcard with that record. If Ben and Troy Polamalu get healthy in time for the playoffs look out. I can guarantee that no team in the NFL wants to see a healthy Steelers team in the playoffs.