Monday, November 5, 2012

Steelers Overcome to Beat the Giants

The Steelers had to overcome a number of obstacles to beat the Giants, including the refs. In one of the most one sided and poorly officiated game in recent history the Steelers were on the wrong side of several bad calls. The first Giants TD was aided by a terrible pass interference call and an even worse personal foul call in the endzone. Ryan Clark was flagged for a helmet to helmet hit on Victor Cruz yet Cruz had injured ribs after the play. The second Giants touchdown was an incomplete pass ruled a fumble and returned by the Giants for a touchdown even though there was an obvious block in the back on the return.

Those were the only two touchdowns the Giants scored on the day. The Steelers defense held Eli Manning and the Giants offense to less than 200 yards. The Steelers secondary played very well despite some bad pass interference calls. Keenan Lewis is emerging as an outstanding corner and Will Allen has filled in nicely for Troy Polamalu.

Issac Redman ran for 147 tough yards as he ran hard and broke several tackles all game long. It is time to start giving the much maligned offensive line some credit. Thee straight weeks with a 100 yard rusher and they have kept Big Ben relatively clean.    

The Steelers are playing very well right now and have two big home games coming up. They need to take care of business Monday night against an awful KC Chiefs team. Then it is a home game against the Baltimore Ravens. Two wins and the Steelers will have put themselves in a great position to win the division.