Monday, December 17, 2012

Steelers Out of Options

The Pittsburgh Steelers are out of options after losing to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. The Steelers have two games left and need to win both of them to make the playoffs. The good news is both games at home the bad news, lose to the Bengals on Sunday and the season is over. Ironically the Steelers can still Win the division. The Ravens play the Giants and the Bengals if they lose both and Pittsburgh wins out the Steelers win the tiebreakers with both the Bengals and the Ravens. In a three way tie it goes to record among the three teams. the Steelers would be 3-1 the Bengals 2-2 and the ravens 1-3.

The Steelers are not playing good fundamental football. they are turning the ball over, mental mistakes, and in some cases have shown a lack of passion. It is easy to place the blame on Coach Tomlin, and in some ways I do, but the players need to make plays. The receiving core can't seem to hang on to the ball and their attention to details stinks. Wallace lacks focus, Brown made several mental mistakes, and it appears that Sanders has lost confidence. 

I think it is safe to say that Todd Haley's first year as the offensive coordinator has been a bust. The play calling is predictable, they can't run the ball consistently, and they take very few shots down the field. Bruce Arians, who is probably the NFL coach of the year, was not the problem. 

The defense is trying their best but the injuries in the secondary have become dire. The Steelers ended the Cowboys game with Josh Victorian, Curtis Brown, and Robert Golden in the secondary. Who? Yeah exactly my point. 

All that being said this is a team capable of beating anyone in the NFL. Win the next two games get into the playoffs and take your chances.