Tuesday, February 19, 2013

PITT Basketball the Most Frustrating Team in America

Pitt Basketball has looked like the best team in the county at time, the blowout wins against Georgetown and DePaul and the manhandling of a Syracuse team, and the worst at other time, last night.

The Panthers started the game on a 19-3 run and played perfect defense. the problem is they should have been up closer to 30-3 the way Notre Dame was playing. Pitt would go on to score only 23 more points the rest of the way. They were killed on the boards, the did not defend well, and the offense was pathetic. 

Pitt uses the ultimate team concept in basketball. Playing 10 players significant minutes and spreading around the ball on offense. What Pitt does not have is a consistent scorer. Lamar Patterson could be that guy but he often goes long stretches of the game without shooting, even if he appears to be open. He is and exellent passer but it is time for him to be more selfish with the ball. Steven Adams as showed some flashes of his offensive game lately but he rarely even touches the ball on most possessions. Durand Johnson and JJ Moore are not affraid to shoot but they sometimes do not get enough minute,s and as good as Tray Woodall and James Robinson are with the ball they really struggle to create their own shot. Trey Zeigler looks good at time, but is very inconsistent. That leaves Talib Zanna who started out averaging about 12 points a game but lately Pitt has been lucky to get 6 points out of him. He is often too timid around the basket and settles for jump shots from the corner. he needs to be more of a force inside for Pitt to be successful.

If Pitt does not have someone step up offensively expect a one in done trip in March.