Tuesday, March 12, 2013

PITT Big East Tournament Edition

The Big East Tournament starts today at Madison Square Guarden in New York City. The Pitt Panthers will not play until Thursday at 2:30 pm and will likely face Syracuse in their first game. Pitt received a double bye for finishing in the top four pf the Big East regular season. The other three times the Panthers received the double bye they lost their first game. That is not a huge concern because in the Big East, when playing any of the top eight teams, you are playing an NCAA tournament team.

Pitt has pretty much owned the Orangemen over the past few years and they should be able to beat them on Thursday. If they do advance they will likely play Georgetown on Friday night. The Panthers crushed the Hoyas by 28 earlier this year at Georgetown. Although, the Hoyas have been nearly unbeatable since then. I don't think Pitt will be intimidated by the Hoyas and it is a very good match up for the Panthers.

If the Panthers get to the championship game on Saturday night they will, in all likelihood face Louisville or Marquette. Pitt is 0-3 against those teams this year and either team is a bad match up for the Panthers. Although, all three games Pitt had opportunities to win. 

I think the Panthers win the first two games and lose to Louisville on Saturday night. That would be a great showing by Pitt and likely land them a 4 or 5 seed in the NCAA tournament.