Friday, June 21, 2013

Penguins Roster Decisions

The Penguins roster will look a bit different heading into the 2013-14 season.  

Marc Andre Fleury
Chance of staying 97%

Many have suggested that the Penguins trade Fleury and go with Voukon. That is not likely to happen, Voukon will be 37 in a few weeks. Fleury has not been great in the playoffs but was solid all year and has won a cup.

Kris Letang
Chance of staying 40%

Letang is in the final year of his deal and is reportedly asking for $7 million per year for his next contract. Letang is a great offensive defenseman but is not great on the power play and was awful in defense in the playoffs. The Penguins could trade him and receive a good return. Whatever they choose to do with Letang will directly affect everyone else on this list.

Pascal Dupuis
Chance of staying 75%

Duper loves Pittsburgh and Crosby loves Duper. The only question is will Dupuis give the Penguins a good deal for the second time. On the open market he could get $4 million a year. The Penguins will likely be looking in the $3 million range.

Jarome Iginla
Chance of staying 35%

I think Jarome would like to stay in Pittsburgh and try to win a cup, but does it work from a financial standpoint? He could probably find a team that will over pay for him but Jarome has made his money and may sign on the cheap to make another cup run.

Brandon Morrow
Chance of staying 1%

Not sure there is much interest on either side

Douglas Murray
Chance of staying 5%

I think the only way that Murray stays is if the Penguins trade Letang and need another defenseman. Even if that happens I think the Pens look elsewhere.

Tyler Kennedy
Chance of staying 15%

There is no way that the Penguins will give Tyler Kennedy the $2 million a year he was making. However, another team might and he may be a top 6 forward on another team. Those may be two factors that lead Kennedy out of town.

Craig Adams
Chance of staying 25%

Adams had a very steady playoff run especially on the penalty kill and is a guy the Penguins should try to get re-signed.

Matt Cooke
Chance of staying 50%

Cooke really is more than just a goon. he has a unique skill set and the Penguins are a better team with him. His reputation may keep some teams away from him but it will come down to money for the Penguins.

Mark Eaton
Chance of staying 20%

Eaton was solid all year long but with Despres and Burtuzzo likely getting a bigger role Eaton could be the odd man out.