Tuesday, September 3, 2013

PITT Loses ACC Opener

Pitt lost 41-13 to Florida State on Monday night. It was the first game for Pitt in the ACC and was a huge national stage that Pitt could not take advantage of. Pitt fans have grown accustom to Pitt not preforming well when the bright lights are on. Despite the score and the Seminoles's dominance there was some good to take away from the game.

Pitt played 18 true or redshirt freshman. This is a very young team and the experience of getting playing time against a top ten opponent will only help the development of the young guys.

Tyler Boyd looks every bit the playmaker that he was at Clairton. Boyd had 151 total yards on a limited number of touches. 

The offensive line did not play that badly and at times played well against a very good defensive front. Savage was sacked a few times but for the most part had time to throw the ball. I thought he was a bit late on a few of his throws and decisions. He does throw a much better ball than Tino but he needs to be smarter with the football and quicker with his decisions.

Pitt's defense and especially the secondary was awful. Not sure if it was a scheme issue or just bad play  but I would guess it was a combination of both. Florida State receivers were wide open all night and there were a number of missed tackles. The Panthers got little pressure on Jameis Winston and the freshman quarterback made them pay. Pitt played the run pretty decent with a number of tackles for loss by the defensive front.

Pitt will get better but there is a clear and wide talent gap between Pitt and the elite team in the ACC. This will only be fixed with stability and recruiting. Chryst will need to time to get his players into the system and will need to land elite skill position players to get Pitt back into the top 25.